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Blown away

I was blown away by the instructors masterful presentations - using modernist techniques to transform each ingredient into a masterpiece unlike the other. This is delivered in a cogent, organized manner without pretense or unnecessary fluff. All the ideas while being haught and creative, maintained one foot planted in tradition and reality.

by Christopher Bartlett
Love this online school

Great variety of content taught by some very famous and professional chefs. Well and clearly structured courses!

by Iryna Egorov
Scoolinary is the perfect app to learn at home on your own time

The courses are thorough enough for bakers and cooks of all levels to follow. The chefs/professors are top quality and renowned in their fields.

by MyEsha Craddock
I highly recommend these courses

As a chef myself i always seek to improve ourselves. I find Scoolinary offers great options and courses with top class instructors/ Chefs. I highly recommend these course if you are like myself and love learning.

by Petra Lee

I have loved the courses, I have learned many things and I am already putting them into practice. If you know the technique at the end of something that seemed impossible to you, it becomes possible!

by Claude D.
Totally value for money

Very unique and amazing recipes
 very in-depth 
 totally value for money if someone really wants to take their cooking to next level.

by Abhishek Gandhi

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